This is the personal site of Keith Lovgren. In my professional life, I’m a paid search consultant.  I manage Pay Per Click advertising campaigns for various companies.

If you would like to talk about having professionally managed pay per click advertising for your company, please drop me an email,  keith AT nosaltnolime DOT com.

I manage accounts for small to medium sized businesses. If you are interested on having larger sized corporate account management this is beyond what I offer. However, I can make some excellent agency recommendations.

I don’t due search engine optimization (SEO) because it isn’t in my skill set. This field requires considerable expertise as the wrong strategy can get you banned from the major search engines.

Be careful of whom you hire.

If you would like recommendations on reputable SEO consultants drop me a line. I’ve worked with some very good and very ethical people.

If you have just started learning about online marketing I put together a primer for the Small Business Development Center that you may find helpful.


Hope you enjoy this blog. I love it when people leave comments!

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