Fela Kuti

Nigeria’s most famous musician, Fela Kuti, could have lived a millionaires lifestyle anywhere in the world. Instead, Fela chose to stay in Lagos, Nigeria and rail against the corrupt government.

His songs directly attacked specific government agencies and individuals. For this he was arrested, beaten, and imprisoned on multiple occasions.

Undeterred he released the album, Zombie, a scathing attack on the Nigerian Army.

In response then dictator, Olusegun Obasanjo, sent 1,000 soldiers to raze his nightclub.

In a cloud of gunfire, rape, and random beatings, Fela was dragged out by his genitals and his 78 year old mother was thrown from the roof to her death.

At her funeral procession Fela delivered his mother’s coffin to the army barracks responsible for her death.

His nightclub functioned as social club and welfare center during the day. At nighttime, the huge wooden shed held several thousand was the hottest club on the continent.

Fela continued his crusade and music career. In 1984 he was arrested on trumped up charges of currency smuggling and imprisoned for 20 months.

His output slowed as years and struggle took their toll. 1997 Fela Kuti died. Over 1,000,000 million attended his funeral.


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