Neat Idea for Growing Vegetables

A semi-conductor executive has come up with an affordable ‘closed loop watering system’ for vegetable gardens. It uses 75% less water than traditional vegetable gardens. This is great for people with patios or poor soil conditions like we have have here in coastal southern California. It seems like like this would work well for the very arid regions like Africa. Because it’s in a container the plant can be moved.

Unlike manual or drip irrigation top watering, the EarthTainer employs a bottom up, automated watering approach based on the principle of capillary action. Water stored in the lower reservoir is wicked up into the soil much like the wick in a candle draws the liquefied wax upward to the flame. Moisture meets the roots of the plant where the plant “drinks” just as much water as it needs. This water consumption will vary significantly throughout the growing season as the plant produces fruit, and by providing a constant supply of water from the reservoir, the plant can achieve optimal growth and productivity.

Earth Trainer Diagram

Earth Trainer

Full grown Earthg Trainer

There are PDF plans available for free. They do however ask for a donation to Feed the

Via Matt Haughey


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