Water Conservation

In southern California we receive only about 9 inches of rain per year. This article touches on gray water systems. In this arid climate I’ve always wondered why newer homes were not required to have these types of systems when they were built.

To get a permit to install this type of system at an existing home is no small feat. It involves “filing detailed documents, submitting soil percolation data and completing an inspection.”

Weller drains his washing machine into a 55-gallon plastic drum that’s placed on a cart. Then he wheels the container around his yard and waters his plants.

Weller started the system about 10 years ago to conserve money and water.

“I am not paying for fresh water to water my grass and roses,” he said. “I am using the water I already paid for.”

Weller’s operation isn’t up to code, but he doesn’t care.


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