Straight Talk From the Oceanside Rec Center

Oceanside, CA is one of the last blue collar beach towns in southern California. It’s beautiful in places and gritty in others.

I don’t think I would be happier living anywhere else. A significant part of this has to do with the Oceanside Rec Center. I’ve been a big fan since day one. The staff is over the top great.

They quickly learn all the kid’s names AND remember them. If the kid misses a season and they don’t see them for six months, the staff (they’re all awesome!) doesn’t miss a beat. “Yo, What up Jeremy? Where have you been, my man.”

When you’re a 7 year old kid, and a 20 something athletic wonder greats you like you’re his buddy, it’s quite a pump up.

Recently, from the first day of basketball.

Rec Center staff member addressing a group of 60 kids sitting on the floor.  “You don’t need special sneakers to play basketball. You play with the sneakers you’re parents can afford. 10 dollar sneakers work exactly the same as 100.00 sneakers. If anyone tells you different, they are lying. If another kid, brother, sister, shoe salesman tells you different, they are lying. If they swear their is a difference, they are lying.”

She then turns to the bleachers and addresses the parents. “If you’ve never had a child in one of our programs know we’re here to teach kids how to play basketball and most important, TO HAVE FUN DOING IT. We’re not here to create superstars. Please, conduct yourselves appropriately. We practice 1 hour a day, once a week. There’s no meeting at the park for an extra team practice. By all means though, practice with your child. It does wonders.

If a child comes home and tells you a staff member told them they need new sneakers to play, they are lying.”

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